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Open Letters To Tech Giants and Ants

· 2 min read
Mitch Chimwemwe Chanza

In an effort to foster ongoing collaboration between corporations and the development community, I have crafted open letters designed to address prevalent issues within the community. These letters also advocate for the adoption of technologies pioneered by industry leaders such as Microsoft, Meta, Apple, Google, Netflix, etc.

Within these letters, you will find a spectrum of content, ranging from critical assessments to applauding achievements, offering advice, and advocating for change. We intend to explore a multitude of topics within the tech community.

My mission is not to appease or boast but rather to instigate meaningful change and make a lasting impact. Consequently, the majority of my content will remain impartial and direct.

Moreover, if you or anyone you know possesses insights or ideas about pressing issues that warrant the attention of tech giants, please feel free to reach out to me. Together, we can craft impactful letters addressing these matters.

These are some of the companies we will be communicating with.